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I’m Julie – a chef, registered dietitian and cookbook author with a HUGE passion for food and good cooking.

I believe the best way to eat well is by cooking with whole food ingredients, preparing them in simple ways and enjoying food in community. My cooking style is fresh, wholesome, comforting and all-inclusive. My greatest passion is helping others build confidence in the kitchen and taking the “chore” out of cooking, one recipe at a time.

So join me In the Kitchen! I'll be using this space to share recipes, cooking videos and photos of goodies I create to support us being healthier together.

Stick around – you’ll find something new and delicious each week!


Julie Andrews

Food & Nutrition Consultant | Cookbook Author | Chef & Food Media Expert | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Food Photographer, Food Stylist & Recipe Developer | Food & Nutrition Writer

Vegetable Pad Thai

I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate more vegetables into my diet, and this pad Thai is the perfect example. It has 2 bell peppers, a zucchini and a large handful of shredded carrots, plus loads of fresh herbs and green onions for flavor and brightness. Not only do the veggies provide fiber,…
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Build-Your-Own Burrito Bowls

I simply adore meals that can be prepped ahead of time – especially when it comes to lunches. This “recipe” for meal prepping your own burrito bowls is perfect for that, and it’s also a feature dish in one of our new Teaching Kitchen classes for 2020 (more to come on that!). And not only…
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Blueberry Crumble Muffins

It’s officially a new year, and many of us are looking for ways to become healthier in 2020 – that’s great! There are endless articles and blogs out there about making changes in your diet and lifestyle, many of them contradictory, which can cause confusion and frustration on what choices to make. And the truth…
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Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

It’s a new year, but my love for hummus hasn’t faltered. I’ve been making this recipe for years now, and it never disappoints (if I decide to share). The best part – besides eating it – is the fact that all ingredients are tossed together in a food processor and blended until smooth and creamy.…
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Mashed Cinnamon Winter Squash

If you’re looking for a dynamic side dish with simple ingredients that’s also simple to make, look no further. This mashed winter squash is creamy, earthy and slightly sweet with a burst of cinnamon, and it couldn’t be more delicious. I like to first roast the squash because roasting imparts a rich, sweet flavor that…
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Sweet Potato Waffles

I am a huge breakfast fan, and while I’m normally on team savory, once in awhile I enjoy something like these sweet potato waffles that are a hint sweet. I especially enjoy that these sweet potato waffles are packed with fiber and vitamins A and C from the sweet potato, and also get a boost…
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