Build a better snack

Last week I posted about using pantry staples to make quick and nutritious meals and how to get kids involved in the kitchen. This week I am talking snacks and immune system (stay tuned for that blog – tomorrow!).

Keeping snacks around that are tasty, satisfying and nourishing can sometimes seem impossible – especially with hungry kids at home! Different types of snacks fuel different people and appetites, but in general, I like to pair protein and fiber together (bonus if there’s some healthy fat!) because it provides beneficial nutrients that help you stay fuller, longer.

Keep in mind that some snacks are a bit on the savory side, while others are somewhat sweet – depending on what you’re craving, there is something for everyone!

Protein Foods: hard-boiled eggs(s), string cheese, low sugar protein bars, nuts and seeds, hummus, Greek yogurt or milk, jerky, tuna packets, cottage cheese

Fiber Foods: Vegetables, fruits, low sugar protein bars (some), nuts and seeds, hummus, popcorn, high fiber crackers, low sugar granola, avocado or guacamole

Tasty snack pairings: A banana with peanut butter, cottage cheese with pineapple, bell peppers and carrots with hummus, smoothie made with Greek yogurt and fruit, low sugar protein bar, tuna packet with a little mayo and celery with high fiber crackers, a piece of dark chocolate when you’re craving dessert!

And, here are a few of my favorite snack recipes from the blog:

What do you like to munch on in between meals?