Creating a healthy pantry has so many benefits that it’s Stride’s next challenge for you!

  • The ingredients in a healthy pantry can mix and match for easy prep of meals and snacks – and leave you with great leftovers to reduce food waste.
  • You can’t go wrong with the healthy benefits of the dishes you can create.
  • Make grocery shopping stress-free by having many items on-hand for your meals already. And it may even save you money, taking some of that stress off your mind, too.

How do I make over my pantry?

Join the Stride Facebook group to get tips and follow along with a supportive community of others who have taken the challenge!

Use these quick tips for “making over” your pantry:

  • Clean – Remove everything from the space and clean the surfaces to remove dust and dirt.
  • Toss – Review dates of each product and throw out anything that is expired. Move the items that will expire soon to the front of your shelf to reminder yourself to use them first.
  • Donate – Any non-perishable items that haven’t expired could be donated to a local food bank. (This is a great time to donate to help stock up for the holiday season when the need is greatest.)
  • Restock – Here’s the Stride list for stocking a healthy kitchen. It’s got everything you need for your grocery run.
  • Organize – With new items on-hand, organize the space in a way so it’s easy to make your healthy options. Consider using glass or sturdy containers with tight fitting lids to hold dry goods such as flour, rice, pasta, cereal and beans/lentils. Look for flat lids so you can stack items and save space!

How do I enter?

Just submit a short video – or pictures and a comment – to Facebook or Do it between Dec. 1 and 13. A random drawing from all entries will determine the winners. Be sure to include:

  1. The before and after picture or video of your pantry!
  2. Be sure in your video or comments to tell us why you need a healthy pantry makeover and what it will do to change your household’s eating behaviors. See official rules here.

What can I win?

  • A yearlong grocery delivery membership, that kicks off with a free week’s worth of healthy meals and snacks curated for you and your family!
  • A video consultation with our own Chef and Registered Dietitian, Julie Andrews.
  • Your pantry stocked up with staples, including a spice kit!

Watch the video below for more information!

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